Scarlett [Johansson] is just the most amazing, sweetest girl on the planet. We’ve done several, outside of the Marvel universe, we’ve done some other films together, and I always relish my time with her because she’s always so… She’s way smarter than most people think and an incredibly talented person, and she makes me laugh so much. She’s hilarious. You know, we used to spend time together at like six in the morning because we were in the same make up trailer. It was me and her, her music, her make up people and my guy, and it was the best time of the day for me. x



I’m not sad he’s leaving. It’s his decision and I, all of us, will stick by him. I’m sad because he hasn’t been happy for 6 months. In his video he said he hopes that we don’t hate him because of this, we can never hate you Connor. I hope no one starts any rumors about his leaving. I hope we all continue to support him with whatever he does. We are here for you and love you. <3


Connor’s first and last videos on O2L: I am incredibly proud of you Connor, i know this was a really hard decision for you, O2L will not be the same without you but out of everything, whats most important is happiness and only you know whats best for you, your fans will still be there for you, we love you so so much and maybe things are hard right now but I am sure things will get better, you have all our love and support.